Cetie free standards

Free standards dedicated to bottling: filling & capping 

Since 1960, Cetie provides technical data sheets and guides streamlining both glass packagings and PET packaging.

Major packaging experts from the glass and PET industrial fields related to bottling, filling and capping compose the Cetie network. They thus govern the fundamentals of a common and global industrial practice, consequently maintaining on international markets a high level of quality and safety for bottled products.


Documentation for bottling beverages and food, cosmetic & pharmaceutical, home/personal care products 

New publications
FS09.00 - Relationship between mass and capacity for glass containers (alpha factor)
GME50.02 - Glass bottle - Specifications of a neck finish with entry bore diameter 17,5 mm
GME40.03 - Flaconnage - Neck finish for snap-in pump
GME40.08 - Flaconnage - Neck finish 10,6 for snap-on pump type Replica ST
Guidelines N°18.00 - Plastic bottle closure qualification test manual
DT27.00 - Cross-relationships between Cetie documents and international standards
DT31.00 - Main types of sealing on glass containers
GME13.07 - Comparison of glass finishes for sparkling wines and other carbonated beverages
FS26.01 - Surface conditions for glass finishes with outside sealing
GME13.04 - 29 mm sparkling wine finish
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