Cetie at AMI in Barcelona.

The 26/06/2023
Cetie participated with great pleasure to the renowned international  Plastic Closure Innovation event organised by AMI in Barcelona. The event, which took place from 13th to 15th June 2023, is proving to be an exceptional platform, engaging in meaningful discussions to assess global trends, innovations, challenges, and opportunities in the plastic and metal caps value chain.
A large number of Cetie's association members were present, and it was with great enthusiasm that they were able to put forward their individual contributions to the market. The very full agenda of the event provided an invaluable opportunity to network and keep abreast of the year's latest innovations, data and industry perspectives.
Josquin Peyceré began by outlining Cetie's unique operating principles, and how a form of disinterested collaboration between industrial players in the bottling sector enables technical standardization to be maintained at a high level, available to all, Cetie members and non-members alike. The relentless dedication of the experts involved in this standardisation process has produced remarkable results, with their documents being distributed in over 98 countries to more than 3,100 companies.
He went on underlining the key role played by Cetie's "SUP" working group in drawing up the harmonized standard EN17665, which responds to the European Commission's request on attached closures, expressed in Article 6 of Directive 2019/904. The culmination of the Cetie's experts efforts is evidenced by the very recent publication in the Official Journal of the EU, which officially recognises this publication, affirming the presumption of conformity it offers: From now on, products that comply with standard EN 17665 are automatically considered to conform to Article 6, paragraph 1, of Directive (EU) 2019/904.
Josquin Peyceré then presented the stages in the joint development of the "GME30.40"  finish, achieved in record time under the aegis of Cetie's "PET-Plenary" group, thanks to the pooling of the skills and technical resources of the sector's leading companies: brand owners, mould makers, machine manufacturers, cap suppliers, converters, resin suppliers.
He concluded by explaining how the SUP Group intends to play an active role in the standardisation process for PET recycling issues.
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