Become a Member

The yearly membership fees is 2 800 euros, per company, per segment (i.e Glass/PET, Food/Cosmetic, etc.)
The membership grant the access to activities: take part in working groups, initiate work items/discussion, request the creation of specific groups, sub- or joint working groups.

The Cetie provides to members only, an online collaborative workspace: the "Extranet".

The Extranet gives access to all "in progress" documents, internal presentations, worldwide information, contact data-base, and allows your company to vote online on subject of interest.
Membership entitles you to get involved the management of the association by attending to the general meetings (one annual Ordinary General Assembly).

In order for you to assess the advantages of becoming a Cetie member and to learn more about us, you may attend a Working Group meeting as a temporary guest. (See "Our groups of experts").
We can also grant you a restricted access to the Extranet (Member section, visitor access) for you to try out the tools made for our members.