The Cetie's documentary database

Presentation of Cetie's documentary database

Cetie's 'pre-standards'

One of Cetie's missions is to be THE reference for pre-standardisation and publication of technical documents relating to the bottling of food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. 
These data sheets and guides, drawn up on the basis of consensus by the various stakeholders who are members of the association, define for glass and PET packagings, geometries of neck finishes and capping systems, recommendations for the use of containers and their components, as well as the good practices to be taken into account for design, production and control. 

Development of voluntary standards and guides

Our network of experts, organised into working groups according to their fields of activity (food, cosmetic or pharmaceuticals products), or the nature of packaging (glass or PET containers), initiate discussions (geometry, test methods, recommendations, etc.). Each proposal is then submitted to the Cetie Board of Directors.
Once these have been validated by our Board of Directors, a schedule of meetings is set up.
To produce a final document, an enquiry is organised within the related working group, to validate the content of the document. (Technical content, translation, etc.)
Based on a unilateral consensus within the group, the Cetie proceeds with the publication of the final document.

Why use Cetie documents?

The creation and collective appropriation of our reference documents serve to consolidate dialogue between the various stakeholders in the interprofession by establishing a common language and thus contribute to improving quality policies and management by facilitating the implementation of methodologies that ensure the conformity of bottled products. Our voluntary standards and good practice guides are used in cases of quality disputes. These documents are free of charge and available on our website. 

How to access our documents?

Following your request, we will send you your login details to access your user account.
Your user account will allow you to download our documentation, and also to access our multilingual glossary, our technical FAQ and our image/illustration database: these sections are regularly updated to provide the best possible response to the technical problems you can
Some of our documents are subject to official standardisation and become national or international standards. As a result, they are removed from our collection (see our FAQ).

Both questions arise for any technician when using a technical reference document:
  • Is the document in my possession the latest version?
  • Are there equivalent documents?

Mrs Jeannine Soullié, in charge of the Cetie's document management, answers you from

Cetie and the official standardisation


"The European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) is one of three European Standardization Organizations (together with CENELEC and ETSI) which brings together national standardisation bodies of 34 European countries. CEN develops standards for various industry sectors through technical committees composed of national bodies. In 2016, CEN set up the Technical Committee which works on the creation of standardised (IT) process models in the insurance sector concerning policy administration and claims handling. The CEN Technical Committee is defined as “the neutral place for the European insurance industry to meet” and will “facilitate the coordination and collaboration on standardization of electronic business between insurance markets in Europe”. BIPAR participates in the meetings of the CEN Technical Committee for the insurance sector as a liaison organisation – without voting rights."
Source: CEN

Cetie subscribes to AFNOR to ensure the chairmanship of two CEN working groups, of which Afnor is the Secretary:

CEN / TC 261 / SC 5 / WG 21 - Glass packaging
The task of WG1 is to draw up standards in the field of glass containers, e.g. - Dimensions, - Finishes and closures, - Test methods, - Markings.
Convenor: M. Josquin Peycere (Cetie Secretary-General)
Secretary: Mr Valentin Cottin

CEN TC 261 / SC5 / WG25 - Rigid plastic packaging
Rigid plastic packaging as well as plastic caps and lids for any packaging containing plastic.
Convenor: M. Josquin Peycere (Cetie Secretary-General)
Secretary: Mr Valentin Cottin

International standards  ISO
"ISO is an independent, non-governmental international organization with a membership of 165 national standards bodies.
Through its members, it brings together experts to share knowledge and develop voluntary, consensus-based, market-relevant International Standards that support innovation and provide solutions to global challenges."
Source: ISO
Committee ISO/TC 63
Glass containers

Creation: 1947
Secretariat: BSI
Committee Manager: Ms Jacky Duncan
President: M. Josquin Peycere (Cetie Secretary General) (until end 2025)
ISO Technical Programme Manager [TPM]: Mr Stéphane Sauvage
ISO Editorial Manager [EM]: Ms Isabel Veronica Nelson
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