The Cetie, is a non-profit, widely recognized interprofessional association in Europe, bringing together a community of experts active in the bottling industry (users and manufacturers). 
Our network of professionals shares the common aim of pooling the know-hows resulting from industrial practice, in order to create, enhance and publish technical reference documents: voluntary standards and best practice manuals. 

These documents are dedicated to the bottling of food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical liquids in the following fields:
  • manufacturers of glass / plastic / metal bottles and flacons;
  • manufacturers of caps and stoppers (metallic screw caps / crown caps / wide mouth and plastic caps / natural and synthetic stoppers / sport caps, or wire cages, bidules, etc.);
  • bottlers; manufacturers of bottling / packaging / labelling equipment / control systems;
  • national and international professional federations;
  • users (brands owners) producing soft drinks, dairy products, mineral waters, fruit juices and syrups, perfumes and other cosmetic or pharmaceutical products, etc. 

Cetie's technical documentation is thus recognised on the national and international standardisation level, and may be used as a reference in case of litigation. 

At the request of a Cetie working group and on the basis of a consensus among its participants, our documents can be submitted to CEN / ISO standardisation bodies.

In addition, Cetie chairs the committee CEN TC261 / SC5 / WG21 (glass packaging), and participates in the committees CEN TC 261 / SC5/WG25 (rigid plastic containers) and ISO TC63 (packaging glass).
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