Launch of new Cetie group : Reuse of food and beverage containers

By Cetie
The 01/03/2022
All interested parties, members and non-members are invited to participate in the kick-off meeting and to confirm their presence:
on Monday, 23rd May 2022
From 2:00 until 7:00 (French time)
at Cetie
114 rue la Boétie, 75008 PARIS 8 FRANCE
(and via Webex upon request)

The group will define what is expected in terms of cleaning, sterilisation, quality and consumer safety of reused containers:


Hygiene, cleaning and sterilisation

  • Bacteriological state and sterilisation;
  • Residues of water and of washing product and of other dangerous content;
  • Hygiene measures on washing process, in the collection, storage and transport;
  • Detection, ejection of foreign bodies.

Consumer safety and container integrity

  • how the defects from the use (consumers, logistic) are detected and rejected;
  • measures against defect creation on washing lines.

Requirements of a new container for reuse

  • Specific control points in the production of containers for reuse.
This group deals only with glass containers, although PET bottles may be included at a later stage.

You wish to attend on Monday, 23rd May 2022 => Please, contact us from the contact tab
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Bonjour Diane, je te confirme ma présence sans savoir encore si ce sera en présentiel ou par webex. Merci dans le doute de m'envoyer un lien. Bien Cordialement JMA
The 29/03/2022 by ARACIL Jean-Marie
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