European standardisation's meetings through Cetie membership

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The 18/06/2019

Participate in European standardisation through Cetie


Participation in CEN* meetings is determined by the respective national standardisation organisations which are members of CEN. For example:  if you are located in Germany, you will need to be appointed as an expert by DIN to be able to become a member of a CEN committee. This may involve financial participation in the national standards organisation.


Participating in standardization: how?

Cetie subscribes to AFNOR** to hold the convenorship of 2 CEN working groups, for which Afnor is secretary:

•       CEN TC261 / SC5 / WG21 (Glass packaging);
•       CEN TC 261 / SC5 /WG25 (Rigid plastic packaging);
The adhesion to Afnor amounts to ~ 12 000 €.
Through this adhesion Cetie members based in France have the possibility of becoming a member of these CEN working groups as Afnor experts. This also implies becoming a member of the Afnor “Packaging” Standardisation Committee CN8 .
Meetings of the CEN working groups can be held in the Cetie premises 112-114 rue la Boétie, Paris, which has generally been the case for the glass packaging group, but can also take place at AFNOR 11, rue Francis de Pressensé , 93571 La Plaine Saint-Denis, near Paris.
Note that by an arrangement with ISO under the “Vienna agreement” the CEN TC261/SC5/WG21 Glass packaging working group develops ISO standards for the ISO TC63 Glass packaging technical committee, of which Cetie is also convenor.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to receive more information about Cetie and participation in Afnor and CEN technical committees.


*European Committee for Standardization
**Association Française de Normalisation
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