New publication : GME 30.29 - PET Finish 38 mm (2 thread starts)

Par Cetie
Le 19/11/2019

We are delighted to announce the publication of our new PET neck data-sheet GME 30.29 - PET Finish 38 mm (2 thread starts).

Specifications and dimensions of the 38 mm screw finish with two (2) thread starts and a 17.55 mm height for flat waters and non carbonated beverages. This finish can be used for aseptic filling and filling with introduction of nitrogen (the internal overpressure should not exceed 1 bar).
This finish is designed to take a tamper evident plastic closure only. During first opening, the tamper evident band will separate from the closure shell and stay on a one way bottle neck or like bottles in the returnable market, the tamper evident band will tear but will remain connected to the closure shell. This finish is for non-crystallized necks only.

More neck finishes data-sheets.

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