The 2019 Cetie glass manufacturers Plenary meeting

By Cetie
The 17/10/2019

This year, the Ardagh Group kindly invited the Cetie glass packaging delegation in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

10 companies met and worked together on our documentary collection: reviewing the current documents, plan the revision of the data-sheets and guides, etc.
The work items (more than 40!) were reviewed during two days, in order to prepare the 2020 work programme.

Next meeting for the glass working groups for 2020 is 14th January 2020 Companies participating:
BA GLASS (Portugal)
BV GLASS (Germany)
VERALLIA France (France)

You can discover below some of the Agenda contents, in order to get an impression of the discussions:

Documents published in 2019
FS 22 - Measurement of labelling surface flatness of glass bottles and jars

Work Items in enquiry
Guide 2 - Metallic screw capping for non-carbonated liquids
Guide 6 - Metallic screw capping for still wines on BVS type glass finish
Guide 9 - Metallic screw capping for pressurized wines and other beverages
DT 02 - Standard tolerances

Other documents in progress, status
DT 11 - Manufacturing controls for carbonated products
DT 13 - Surface treatments
DT 26.00 - Glossary of critical defects
DT 26.01 - Glossary of visual defects
FS 07 - Headspace recommendations for liquid products
FS 15 - Physical Principles for bottled products
Guide 4 - 26 mm Crown capping

Potential new work items
DT 23.01- Glass container nomenclature
DT 32.00 - Volume calculation
DT 09.00 - Factors to convert the mass of water (in g) to true volume (in ml)
DT 08.00 - Special strength properties of new glass bottles for non-sparkling wines
DT 30.00 - Colour measurement of glass packaging
DT 12.00 - General guidelines for preparation of glass containers quality specifications
FS 09.00 - Precise relationship between mass and capacity for a normal glass bottle
DT 19.00 - Labelling spotting bar
FS 11.00 - Recommendations of good practices for prevention and detection of critical hazards on bottling lines
DT 14.00 - Guidelines for the use of glass containers
FS 05.00 - Warehousing of filled glass containers
DT 16.00 - Hygiene precautions - recommendations for glass containers manufacturers

Flaconnage working groups
Ad hoc WG Flaconnage Geometry
Ad hoc WG Flaconnage Decoration

New working groups concerning Glass industry
Guidelines 9 : Control of the filling volumes
Hot-End Laser coding
Labels and Glass Recycling

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