New publication : GME30.37 - PET FINISH 26/22-13-1/2.17 (Exp) version 4,2 % vol CO2

By Cetie
The 01/07/2019
We are very pleased to announce the publication of GME30.37 - PET FINISH 26/22-13-1/2.17 (Exp) version 4,2 % vol CO2.
This document initiated in 2014 by the PET plenary working group is from now on available from our library for free.

This experimental data sheet provides specifications and requirements of the 26/22 mm screw finish with one (1) thread start for carbonated beverages up to 8,4g CO2/l  (4,2 vol % CO2) content and bottles of up to and including 2,0 l litres in capacity.
Important note: This replaces previous editions foreseen up to 7g CO2/l (3,5 vol % CO2).and includes an extra thread segment. The previous version is not suitable for carbonation levels over 7g CO2/l (3,5 vol % CO2).
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