Cetie & Open Innovation

Since 2013 the Cetie has committed to making its documents assets easily available for all, free of charge, and anywhere in the world.
Our document library provides some 200 data sheets, guides and guidelines translated in most cases in English, French and German, and some of them also in Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. These reference documents can be used as supporting evidence in case of litigation on quality issues.
Making these documents are freely available, which can be just as well considered as "open data", is an initiative inline with a more global orientation, which also characterises the way in which the Cetie working groups operate.

Although the approach within Cetie, which could be qualified as "altruistic", might seem in contradiction with the traditional economic interests of industry, this is not at all the case. The contributions and collaboration between the interested parties, ready to share knowledge and technical experience, enables Cetie members to considerably reduce development risks and associated costs through establishing mutually approved standards and consensual best practice. Moreover developments which are too often hindered by a siloed organisation within companies can be speeded up through this approach. The Cetie network improves the agility of its members.  

Participation, co-production, imagination and confidence are central to the Cetie approach.