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Are you thinking of becoming a member of Cetie and participate in our working groups to promote your company as a decision leader within the inter-profession and guarantee perpetuating bottling know-how within your company?

Contact us :
114 rue la Boétie
75008 Paris
Tel. +33 1 42 65 26 45

Membership fee
The annual fee is 3200 euros for a company, allowing participation of any employee.

Why join Cetie?
Membership enables participating in the working groups relevant to your centres of interest and to propose new work items with, if appropriate, creation of a working group. It enables access to a members workspace from the website with all the working documents of the working groups of interest are available for download (agendas, meeting minutes, contributions, presentations, document drafts) and the enquiry/voting tool to approve documents for publication. Members can also participate in the management of the association via the general assemblies (annual ordinary general assembly) and, subject to election, in the Board of Directors (2 meetings/year).

Discover Cetie activities
In order to confirm the value for your company of joining Cetie and to become acquainted with way and the spirit in which Cetie works it is possible to participate as a guest in a Working Group before adhering.  
  DT00-Cetie Rules of procedure


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