Cetie document data-base contains around 200 data-sheets, guides and guidelines translated mostly in English, French and German (some are in Portuguese, Spanish and Italian). 
These technical documents result from the industrial expertise and know-how gathered and shared by our community of experts.
The Cetie's “ecosystem” 
This network brings together more than 370 experts from 20 countries.
Most of them are Quality, R&D managers, Technical Directors, etc.  holding strategic positions in international g

Collective creation and development of reference documentation is the key to enhance the dialogue between the different partners within the inter-profession by defining a common language, to enable improving quality assurance strategies and plans, by facilitating the implementation of methodologies to ensure conformity of bottle products and to improve staff training for them to continuously broaden their skills and knowledge.

As Cetie members, large industrial groups or small sized companies, can rely on our "ecosystem" to help them not only maintain but also reinforce
their technological lead and stay at the forefront of innovation

Cetie and standardisation
Cetie's technical documentation is thus recognized in the field of standardisation, and may be used in case of litigation.
At the request of a working group and on a consensual basis among the participants, our documents can be directly submitted to standardisation bodies such as:  
AFNOR (French Standardization Association )
Cetie chairs the CNN Standardisation Committee "Bottling" of AFNOR in charge of developing
and updating of national technical standards related to the bottling industry. 
CEN (European Committee for Standardisation)
Cetie has the status of a liaison organisation with the CEN. In this capacity,
It participates as an observer member of the TC 261 Technical Committee, in charge of packaging.
Cetie chairs two working groups of the TC261 "Subcommittee 5":
  • TC261 / SC5 / WG21 "Primary Packaging"
  • TC261 / SC5 / WG25 "Rigid Plastic Packaging".
ISO (International Organization for Standardization)
Under the Vienna agreement of June 1991, which avoids duplication of work between CEN and ISO,  many Cetie documents have been promoted as ISO pre-standards.
Cetie also chairs TC ISO TC63 "Glass Packaging".